This time of year often leads people hunting for the perfect bathroom renovation. Why not gift yourself a stunning new KOHLER shower? KOHLER products are made to be long-lasting and dependable shower solutions and Alenco Inc is full of experts and professional KOHLER installers. If you have any questions about how to transform your bathroom this holiday season, do not hesitate to give Alenco Inc a call.

Tub to Shower Conversion

Most bathroom combinations are made for both bathing and shower taking. One way to transform a bathroom into a stunning new experience would be to take a tub and shower combination experience and create a tub-to-shower conversion. With this conversion a bathroom can say goodbye to a tub all together and instead enjoy a more spa like experience. 

However, if the goal is to achieve a spa like experience with a KOHLER product you will be able to add an abundance of stylish accessories. We suggest you take the time to look over items like shower heads and glass enclosures. These items are known to add luxury and privacy to any new shower experience.

Accessible Walk-In-Shower

It is not uncommon to see bathroom remodelers who are looking for a more accessible shower remodel for their homes. KOHLER has a user-friendly shower solution in their walk-in-shower products. This is a great option for anyone who is looking for easy access to their shower while not sacrificing on personal style. 

Walk-in-showers can also be dressed up with accessible accessories. We suggest users add in the perfect shower seat that will give them a sense of safety in a new shower. You can also add in items like grab bars and easy to access shower heads or non-slip flooring. Safety is key!

Shower Replacements

If you currently have a shower set up that you are not super pleased with getting a shower replacement is always an option through KOHLER. KOHLER products can be custom designed to add some design to your outdated bathroom. It often surprised customers as to how much of their own personal touch can be put into a shower remodel. 

When you or anyone you know is ready to try out a KHOLER product remodel on your home contact Alenco Inc for next level professionalism. Our company has been providing customers with excellent shower remodeling products since 1986 and your shower will be no different. Call Alenco Inc today!