Custom Windows

Eventually, every homeowner finds themselves shopping for replacement windows. Whether you’re looking to replace one or all the windows in your home, you must be sure that you’re getting the most out of your replacement window installation.

However, when most people consider updating their home with new windows, they think of the one-size-fits-all standard window. But, when you look beyond price, there are a variety of benefits to using custom windows.

Designed Specifically for Your Home

Custom windows are designed and built with your home in mind. You choose all the features and materials yourself and have complete control over most design elements. This means that you get windows that complement the look of your home without being limited by current trends or standard sizing.

Custom windows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and you can design your new windows around your home’s existing décor. They can even be customized room by room, adding unique design elements to each area of your home.

Easier to Install

Many window installations experts report that custom window replacements are much easier to install. This is primarily because they are designed specifically for your home. Before your custom windows are manufactured, the existing window opening is precisely measured, which ensures a perfect fit when your windows are installed. 

With prefabricated windows made to generic standard sizes, it can be much more challenging to fit the window to the existing space. Installing custom windows can be as easy as removing your old windows and plopping the new ones in!

Increased Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the leading reasons for window replacement. Custom windows give you the highest level of control of exactly how energy efficient your windows are. For example, do you have a room in your home that is often warmer (or colder) than the others during various times of the day or from season to season? By choosing the details for each room of your home, you can add more or less insulation for each room which gets rid of those pesky cold or hot spots in your home.

Custom windows can also have:

  • Fewer Air Leaks
  • Specialized Exterior Coatings
  • Varying Materials From Room to Room
  • Increased Ventilation In Specific Rooms

You can design your new custom replacement windows around the cold Kansas winter weather, the warm Missouri summers, or any combination in between.

Alenco is a Leader in Window Replacement

Since 1986 our family-owned company has helped thousands of homeowners find the perfect custom windows for their homes. We pride ourselves on being a window company you can trust! 

We offer a generous lifetime warranty on each of the products we offer as well as financing to fit most budgets. All our installers are factory trained and dedicated to providing each of our customers with a flawlessly finished job. In addition, our 36,000 square-foot Kansas City showroom features one of the largest showroom floors in the region, offering you thousands of choices in budget, style, and window features. 

Are you ready to discuss your window replacement options? Then, call one of our conveniently located offices in Kansas City or St. Louis to get started today! You can also request an in-person appointment or pricing information through our convenient online form.