When Properly fitted, windows are typically secured by a nail flange set flat against the wall framing. The glass would also have a sealant behind it, reinforced with flashing tape on the top. With the window completely sealed, there would be no need to remove or replace it - except if there was a fault with the process. 

Leaks can happen due to various reasons, including the use of poor quality materials during installation, wearing out over time, or simply a faulty installation. Here's all you need to understand about window leaks and how to install a leak-proof window. 

Why Do You Get Leaks in Your Windows?

Faulty window installations and worn-out windows are various causes of window leaks. Although, from our experience, the most common cause of leaky windows is worn-out sealing components that can no longer sustain pressure as effectively as they should. 

Leaky windows are inconvenient and quite dangerous. Window leaks may cause harm to your home due to infiltration of harsh weather factors and the growth of mold and mildew. 

Faulty window features can cause wood rot and severe foundation problems. The most common reasons for window leaks include:

  • Faulty Installation 
  • Poor Quality Windows 
  • Inadequate or Faulty Seal
  • No Overhangs To Let Water Drain Away From The House.

How To Spot Air Leaks In Windows

There are a few common telltale signs that your windows have leaks. Do not ignore faulty window signs, instead, get them fixed as soon as possible. Here are obvious signs that your windows need to be replaced;

  • Soaked Walls
  • Cloudy Window Glass
  • Stains on Glass and Window Frames
  • Water Drops Into Your Home When It Rains
  • Cracking or Bubbling Wall Paint
  • Musty Smell From The Wall Surrounding The Window

Installing Leak-Proof Windows

Installing leak-free windows requires the professionalism and expertise of a reputable window company business. Experienced window installation services take extra precautions to prevent water from entering your walls and guarantee that all the processes are properly done. The fundamental stages for installing a long-lasting leak-proof window are as follows:

  1. Uninstall the old or faulty window.
  2. Use flashing tapes across the bottom of the window sill and vertically from 4-6 inches to overlap the tape to prevent water from soaking through the flashings.
  3. Open the top border of the window and apply a large bead of caulk before flashing.
  4. Use metal flashing to flash the overhead part of the window opening applied over the caulk.
  5. Fortify with another layer of caulk.
  6. Install the new window to the opening and ensure it's aligned without any gaps.

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