If you are currently window shopping you have likely experienced the same custom window options from company after company. But have you experienced custom windows that go the extra mile? Windows filled with argon gas can do so much more for your home than air filled windows, or single paned windows. At Alenco we understand the importance of providing windows that are efficient and last a lifetime. That is why our window company only uses top-quality argon gas filled windows that provide our customers with a new level of home satisfaction.

What is Argon Gas?

Argon gas is a colorless gas making it perfect for use in between window panes. As an odorless gas, homeowners only notice it exists when they see the return on their monthly bills. 

How is Argon Gas Used in Windows?

Argon gas is placed in between double paned windows to help insulate each room. The argon gas helps minimize the heat transfer that happens through your windows. This means in the summer time the heat stays outside your home and in the winter time the heat stays inside your home. 

When argon gas is placed inside window features, and is partnered with a low-E glass coating, it allows the window to match the temperature of the inside room. This combined process helps eliminate drafts created by temperature differences between the inside and outside of your home. 

​​Why Choose Argon Gas Windows?

Non-Argon Gas windows are often inefficient and drafty. With all the heat and air loss through the windows it is no wonder your energy bills are so high. Try standing by each of your windows and holding up your hands. Do you feel any air flow or drafts? If there is any significant temperature difference it may be time to look into getting new replacement windows. 

At Alenco we supply our customers with custom argon gas filled replacement windows. Our window installation company has 30 years of experience and knows how to get your window installation done right. Call us today to see our variety of window replacement options and to get your free window quote. This investment will have your energy bill thanking you month after month.