As the place where you and your family get ready in the mornings and come to relax in the afternoons, the bathroom of your home is truly one of the most critical areas in your house. However, we find that so many Kansas City residents still live with a bathroom that doesn't meet their needs.

On the flip side of this coin, many homeowners want a new Kohler shower in their homes but aren't quite sure where to place it. This blog will cover some of the best places to consider a new Kohler shower. However, before we go over this information, we thought you might want to know a little more about us.

Since 1986, Alenco has been a top-rated bathroom remodeling company offering many solutions. Our trusted experts are happy to assist you, listen to your needs, and craft custom solutions designed to meet your needs. Let's go over a few of the best places for a new Kohler shower in your home.

The Owner's Suite

This is probably the first place you're considering for your Kohler shower. As a part of the main bedroom, you'll have the luxury of waking up in the mornings and instantly enjoying all of the amenities that come with a Kohler shower.

In-Law Suite

If you have in-laws or parents who visit often, you'll want to consider updating their bathroom with a Kohler shower. This will make their stay at your home that much more pleasant. Even more, for those with limited mobility issues, you can outfit the Kohler shower with ADA-compliant solutions like grab bars, comfortable seating, and more.

Children's Bathroom

A Kohler shower is a great way to inspire proper bathing practices with your kids. Kohler showers are ideal for children, built for safety, and you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that they're showing safely. Even more, Kohler showers are straightforward to clean, so you won't have to hold your breath the next time it's time to clean out their shower.

Guest Bathroom

When you enjoy having guests in town, you'll want to treat them to a comfortable stay by outfitting their space with a new Kohler shower. With such a beautiful and clean shower, your guests will be happy that they decided to stay with you rather than in a hotel.

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