Investing in replacement windows is a great way to increase your comfort, save on energy bills, and boost your curb appeal - all in one fell swoop. But it's not something you should jump into headfirst. There are a number of things to consider before you hire a replacement windows company, from thinking about the type of windows you want to ensuring your installers have the required credentials. Below, we highlight a few questions you'll need to have answers to before you move forward with your replacement window project.

Which Materials Are Right For You?

Not all windows are made equal. Some people love the classic look of wood, but might not be fans of the expense and the extra steps required to keep them looking good. Others might want to consider how vinyl windows can offer value and surprisingly eye-catching styles, without the need for elbow grease. You'll need to familiarize yourself with the various windows styles as well, and how they'll affect function. Not sure the difference between bow windows and bay windows, or casement windows and awning windows? It's time to brush up!

Would Repair Suffice Instead of Replacement?

When you start to feel drafts and notice more pests in your home, your mind probably immediately goes to window replacement. But sometimes, a repair or restoration job will do instead. Before you pony up for a full replacement, consider whether some of your windows would be greatly improved simply by replacing broken panes, hardware, or sash cords.

Which Aesthetic Am I Going For?

Budget-savvy homeowners can often get swept up in the excitement of saving some money and opt for windows that offer good value at the expense of aesthetics. Before you make any decision, you should be sure whichever windows you choose won't detract from your property's value by creating a mismatch with your home's architectural features.

How Can I See Which Products Are Available to Me?

There's no better way to get familiar with all of the replacement window options available to you than to view them in real life. Some reputable window companies have showrooms where you can take a look at various products from a range of brands. For example, Alenco has a 36,000-square-foot showroom in Lenexa filled with many samples that you can take a look at.

Are the Window Installers Factory-Trained?

Getting your hands on the right products is only one aspect of ensuring a top-notch replacement window job. You also need to be sure that the professionals handling the installation are up to snuff. Look for companies with expert, factory-trained installers who have in-depth knowledge on the products they provide.

Are Financing Options Available?

Let's face it - very few people have enough cash upfront to pay for a window replacement project, especially if quite a few windows are being replaced. Find out what financing options are available to you and whether they provide an attractive way to pay for your new windows.

At Alenco, we're proud to offer expert installers, quality products, and a variety of financing options. We've been helping Kansas City homeowners with their replacement windows for many years. Ready to discuss your project and get a free estimate? Give us a call or fill out the online contact form today!