Kansas City Replacement Windows

Kansas City windows need to hold up through wind, snow, rain, and summer heat. Luckily, choosing the right windows in Kansas City is easy with the right information. At Alenco Inc., we are dedicated to finding the perfect windows for your home. We put together a quick guide to make picking out windows an easy process.

Window Frames

1.  Vinyl Frames

Vinyl frames are cost effective, have lasting durability, and exceptional energy efficiency. They are also UV resistant and require virtually no maintenance. In the past, vinyl frames could look cheap, but with the current designs, they can seamlessly fit with any aesthetic.

2.  Wood and Wood Clad Frames

When going for a classic look many people choose wood window frames. Wood frames have one of the best insulation values of any framing material and can last for a very long time. However, a wood frame needs a lot of upkeep and maintenance, and a wood clad frame must be installed correctly or else it will be at risk for rotting. Both wood and wood clad frames are not recommended for wet, humid climates.

3. Fiberglass and Composite Frames

Fiberglass and composite frames have incredibly strong durability and great energy efficiency. They don’t twist or warp and can be made of recycled materials, making them eco-friendly. The main drawback to fiberglass is the higher cost compared to other materials.

4. Aluminum Frames

Aluminum frames are a good choice for rainy and humid climates, and strong enough to withstand hurricane force winds. Unfortunately, aluminum is not very heat efficient. Overall, not the best option for windows in Kansas City.

Windows Panes

1. Single Pane

When it comes to heat efficiency it’s best to just skip the single pane windows. Single panes usually need storm windows to even approach the heat efficiency of a double pane window. It’s safe to say that if you have single pane windows, you can blame them for a significant portion of your energy bill.

2. Double Pane

Double pane windows offer excellent insulation and protect the inside of your home from heat and UV radiation. Overall this is the best choice for Kansas City windows.

3. Triple Pane

Although triple panes do offer more heat efficiency, they really aren’t necessary unless you live in a climate with harsh winters. They also have lower visibility and allow less light to pass through. So unless you and your home plan on moving to Canada sometime soon, double pane windows will do the trick.

Overall Design

1. Transoms

Transoms are typically a small window above a door or sometimes above a window. Transoms that can open are becoming more popular, allowing fresh air into the room. Overall, they help separate the framing of the door from the framing of the window. They also help add extra light to a room and a bit of artistic ornamentation.

2. Double Hung Windows

With double hung windows the bottom slides up to open the window, giving more flexibility for changing airflow in your home. These windows are seen in more traditional, early 20th century designs. Nonetheless, they are not a good fit for extreme climates, as there is not a perfect seal between the sliders.

3. Casement Windows

Casement windows are attached to their frame with side hinges. This makes it easy to throw the windows wide open and enjoy your view with the maximum amount of fresh air. Since they can only open outwards, when the wind is blowing towards the house, it makes the seal tighter. The seals and hinges do require maintenance, but overall these are an excellent window for windy climates.

4. Picture Windows

These windows are typically large, fixed windows that don’t open. They give you an unhampered view of the outdoors and create a focal point in your room. Glass choice and durability are important to keep in mind when picking these larger windows.

Kansas City Window Installation Experts

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