Types of Windows

Have your windows become drafty over the years? Are they starting to show signs of wear and tear? If you answered yes to either question, it’s time to find some replacement windows in Kansas City, but with all of the new window types, how could you possibly choose the right option? Here’s a guide to finding the ideal windows for your home! 

Increased Space with Bow Windows 

The first type of replacement window that we’re going to look at is bow windows. This option is great for homeowners looking to add some curb appeal and extra space in their home. With the unique bow-shape that juts out from your home, you can easily install some shelves, seating, or storage in the window sill. Because of the size of these windows and the aesthetic function, these are an excellent solution for replacement windows on the front of your home.

Casement Windows in Basements

If you are looking to add some natural light to your basement, bathroom, or other limited space, standard windows just aren’t going to fit. That’s where casement windows come into play. They are short and wide windows that fit perfectly in the foundation of your home to add some sunshine to your dark and dull basement.

Simple and Elegant Double Hung Windows 

When you need windows throughout your home but don’t want to stray too far from the classic look, we recommend double hung windows. Even though they are timeless and traditional, they come in variety of colors, finishes, and more so that you can customize the appearance of your home. In addition, you can enjoy increased control over the ventilation of your home as you can open the top or bottom of the window. 

Gorgeous Garden Windows 

Next on our list is one of our favorites! The unique garden windows add a touch of your personality because the ample sill space creates the ideal space for plants to live. Not to mention, the adequate sunshine and ventilation allow your window-sill garden to thrive so that you can enjoy fresh herbs in the kitchen or stunning flower displays all year long.

Energy Efficient Windows for Green Homes

As the “green” movement becomes more and more popular, homeowners are seeking out energy efficient construction. If you’ve already built your home with no plans of a total remodel, you can add some energy efficient replacement windows as a start. With the new technology, you can make it easier than ever to heat and cool your home, which creates savings for your wallet and the earth! 

While there are just a few of the most popular replacement window options, Alenco has many more from which you can choose. To learn more about the other options that we have to offer at our window replacement company in KC, we encourage you to contact us today! You can call to speak with a knowledgeable representative or fill out our online form to request a complimentary quote.