New KOHLER Shower

Starting your new year with a new space to relax is a great goal. Shower remodels offer a great opportunity to create a space that is custom to your style and needs. At Alenco we offer KOHLER products that can create a great variety of unique spaces. You may be surprised at how your shower replacement can become your dream space in no time at all. Dream big and design the perfect space with KOHLER products.

Easy to Access Showers

Easy to access showers are great for families and for individuals who have limited mobility. KOHLER showers offer the option to have either a slight step or a zero-entry shower flooring. Whether you want a fabricated shower or a tile shower, any shower can be made with accessibility in mind.

Storage Filled New Shower

If your shower currently stresses you out due to not having the proper amount of storage space, KOHLER products provide a variety of shelving options. Customize your new shower remodel with shelving for just yourself or enough for your whole family. Your new shower storage can become a cute niche that allows for you to have space for all of your relaxing shower needs in the new year.

Shower With Glass Enclosures

Thinking of a spa-like shower experience often requires the addition of a glass enclosure. When you are looking for a new shower space for the new year, maybe a glass enclosure can add the perfect amount of luxury to your space. However, this may not be a great choice for shower remodels that are going to be used by young children. Try to keep in mind all of the people who will be using your new and improved bathroom.

Safe Showers

When your idea of relaxing simply means, you do not want to have to worry about falling or slipping safe showers are the way to go. Your perfect shower space would most likely include non-slip flooring and comfortable seating. You can also install grab bars and a variety of safety features that will allow you and your family peace of mind. No matter what kind of shower space you are eager to create, Alenco is ready to help. Pick up the phone and call our caring KOHLER shower remodeling company.