Window Installation

A top-quality window replacement can dramatically improve your home’s appearance and value, and help you save hundreds of dollars annually on your energy bills. Aside from the quality of your window, your window installation is also very important.

The best way you can get value for your investment in a high-quality window is by getting an optimal installation from an experienced window company. One of the elements that affect the proper installation of a top-grade window is the accurate measurement of your window before they are made.

Major mistakes in the measurement of your window would reflect during installation and can hardly be solved even by the most experienced installers. That's why this article is focused on the importance of accurate measurements during window installations.

Although a knowledgeable and experienced installer could foresee any unexpected circumstance and properly install your window, it's a great idea for you to have a basic understanding of how to accurately measure your window opening. Here are a few tips for accurately measuring your home’s windows:

Measure and Record All Parameters Accurately

Ensure that when measuring, you're focused on measuring and recording every parameter accurately. This is because writing down the wrong measurement in a moment of distraction could completely ruin your replacement window. Also, you should label the measurements properly and record the specific location of each measured window in your home. Another way to avoid measurement mistakes or inaccuracy is to double-check your measurements.

Make Sure Your Window is Square

To avoid future problems, it is important to determine if your window is square or not because installing a window that is not square may lead to difficulty in opening the window. To check if your window opening is square, you will need to measure your window from both diagonal directions—from the inside of the upper left corner to the inside of the lower right corner of your window frames. Your window opening is square if the two dimensions are equal. If they are not, the right adjustments need to be made.

Ensure Accurate Sizing and Check for Warping or Distortion

Checking that your window is free from warping or distortion is very important. It is also important to ensure that the width of your window is correctly measured. To do this, you will need to measure your window horizontally in three different places: the middle, top, and bottom. As you write down each measurement, highlight the largest measurement, which will probably be the window's width.

Also, as you measure the window’s height, you will also need to take three different measurements vertically from the left and right sides of the window as well as the center of the window. Same as the width, the largest measurement will be your window’s height.

Add at least a half-inch to the measurements of the width and height of the windows. This ensures that all sides of the windows will have a quarter-inch opening for window features like thermal expansion, shims, and insulation.

Ensure a Perfect Fit

If you're planning to use a brick mold, you need to make appropriate measurements from outside the window while leaving a quarter-inch of space for the brick mold to fit into. To make sure that there is enough space for shimming and foaming, compare the brick mold measurement sizes with the window measurement.

If you understand these measurement techniques, it will help you to determine if your installer is measuring your window properly and knows his craft.

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