If you hate climbing up that ladder twice a year to clean out the gutters of fallen leaves, seeds, and other debris, you need gutter guards. Of course, you already knew that.

What you might be wondering is what kind of gutter protection systems are available on the market. There are a few options and each offers its own benefits and drawbacks for homeowners. As seasoned installers of gutter protection, our team at Alenco has a few suggestions to consider.

Mesh Screens to Keep Leaves Out

Easy to install, simple to understand, and very affordable, mesh screens are popular. These products are usually made from plastic or aluminum mesh that is able to keep leaves and larger seeds from falling into the gutters. Yet, the mesh may not keep smaller debris out of your gutters. They can also clog up with ice and snow in the winter.

There are a few types of these gutter protection systems available, such as:

  • Plastic Drop In Screens
  • Drop In & Screw Down Screens
  • Under Shingle Screens

Fine Mesh Gutter Guards Target Small Debris

If you live near conifers or have trees that produce small seeds that can get past a mesh screen system, then look to fine mesh gutter guards. Made from more durable materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel, these gutter protection systems will stand up to fallen branches and ice well. Avoid any fine mesh guards made with plastic or window screen type material, as these can be damaged easily.

The drawback of fine mesh is that it takes a little more work to install, and it can become clogged with fine grit and dirt over time. However, it's not difficult to clean fine mesh guards with a spray from the water hose.

Surface Tension Gutter Guards Tackle It All

Homeowners who want something strong, durable, and able to deal with the worst that every season can throw at it can turn to surface tension gutter guards. These products are made from steel, aluminum, or PVC with a narrow, rounded edge. The edge may overhang the gutter slightly with an underside that angles back underneath itself.

This unique shape allows water to flow over the side of the gutter guard without falling off. Instead it hugs the guard and slides down into the gutters. Yet, leaves, seeds, twigs, and small grit are easily kept out by the solid metal surface.

These gutter protection systems work best with gutters on shorter roof lines that don't require a very high pitch to ensure water flow. You'll also need to install the guards at a similar angle to the gutters for a good fit and proper function.

Want to know more about surface tension gutter guards?

Alenco's gutter installation experts can help you pick the best option for your home and needs. We are also able to install extra strong Gutter Monster gutter guards that are made to handle up to 10+ inches of rainfall per hour!

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