St. Louis Replacement Showers

At Alenco, we understand how frustrating it is to scrub mold and mildew from grout and tile in your showers. To help alleviate the problem, we began to offer bathroom remodeling products, such as replacement showers, for homeowners in St. Louis. For over 30 years, we have been serving as an industry leader, so we are confident that our St. Louis shower installers can have you on your way to enjoying all of the benefits of a new shower.

Custom Replacement Showers

When you come to Alenco, you can expect superior service and quality products. We train our St. Louis replacement shower installers in some of the industry’s most effective techniques to complete the process quickly and efficiently. However, our dedication to excellent service extends beyond the installation. From the very beginning, you can count on our professionals to help you design your ideal shower and walk you through to the end when we finish cleaning everything up. Best of all, you can expect the following benefits when you choose us as your St. Louis replacement shower company:

  • Customizable: Choose from a variety of colors, textures, and accessories to design your dream shower.
  • Easy to Clean: Stop wasting time cleaning and enjoy the advantages of having non-porous acrylic that can easily wipe clean.
  • Durable: Enjoy long-lasting beauty with our products made from some of the highest-quality, durable materials.

Learn More About Our St. Louis Replacement Showers

Your home deserves quality bathroom products, so come to Alenco today! We have a variety of bathroom remodeling products and services, so call us or fill out our online form to request a free quote.