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We’re proud to offer a full line of the longest lasting, most energy efficient replacement windows in Kansas City. From double hung, slider, picture, casement, bay and bow windows Alenco can custom fit a style that best suits you and your home. One of the most common reasons for window replacement is the desire for energy savings, and here is where our partnership with Thermal Industries shines through. With advancements such as high performance LoE2 glass and Super Spacer® Warm-Edge Technology seals, you receive more than impressive names, you and your home are afforded scientifically proven benefits.

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Energy-Efficent Windows Pay for Themselves

Super Peak PerformanceTriple-Pane Window Systems
Our Super Peak Performance™ triple-pane glass system is constructed of two lites of LoE2 Glass and one lite of clear glass. The two air spaces between the panes contain Krypton gas, a denser gas than even the popular Argon. What this means for you is the highest quality thermal barrier, as well as an insulator from outside noise. Super Spacer® Warm-Edge Technology seals the unit. During the warm summer months the Super Peak’s LoE2 coating repels sun rays and the heat they bring, keeping your home cool and comfortable and your energy costs down. As the Super Peak protects your home’s interior from harmful UV rays, so too are your draperies, carpets and furniture safe from the sun’s fading effects. As the weather turns cold Super Peak Performance’s LoE2 glass works to keep the heat in, once more catering to your comfort while maintaining energy savings. This is also where the Super Peak’s Super Spacer performance truly shines. As opposed to a standard window’s aluminum spacers, the Super Spacer’s unique design and foam construction guarantees unparalleled thermal performance and longevity.

Alenco Door Systems

Fiberglass Entry Doors are built to last a lifetime with no detailed overlooked. Each door is made with the highest quality materials to guarantee efficient, beauty, and durability for your home. Fiberglass Doors offer 4 times the insulation value compared to wood, and provides a air infiltration rate that is two times better then steel doors. Our Entry Doors System are tested against the extreme temperatures to ensure they will not warp, twist and crack . Each door is designed and engineered to prevent any water to leak into your home and is the most durable option available to homeowners.

Keep Your Home Safe

In the U.S., 34% of all break-ins occur through the front door, and according to the FBI there are 8,600 residential break-ins everyday.How secure is your home? Alenco’s Door Systems use JambBrace®, a heavy aluminum door reinforcement that adds extra strength to the frame of the door. This extra reinforcement is installed behind the door trim and protects your home any physical force or outside intruders.

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